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August 2023: National Immunization Awareness Month

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August is National Immunization Awareness Month!


In this post:



August is National Immunization Awareness Month! Okay, sure, we’re belaboring the point a little, since our last post already talked about the vaccines your child needs to go to school in Alaska. We figure that as parents, you’re probably pretty busy, and a little extra reminder doesn’t hurt! This post expands on the topic of your child’s health and safety through appropriate vaccination, and features a link to a handy chart from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here, you can learn about all the vaccines your child needs from birth to age 18.


Well-Child Check-ups

It’s important for your child to receive regular check-ups in addition to recommended vaccines. Those things can usually be done together! You and your child may be eligible for significant cost savings if you schedule their check-ups at your local Federally Qualified Health Center (that’s us at ICHC!) and sign up for our sliding fee discount program. Whether you have insurance or not, you might qualify for a reduced cost for your and your family’s healthcare with us. Plus, we participate in the Vaccines for Children program, so your child can receive state-supplied vaccines at no cost.


Vaccine Schedules

Below is the link to that handy chart we mentioned, supplied by the CDC. Take a look, and call your provider today if your child is due for a vaccine! If your child is overdue, ask about catch-up vaccines!


CDC Birth to 18 Years Old Immunization Schedule


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