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Paying For Your Visit


Looking for a quick payment link? Click here to pay your bill: Quick Pay / Patient Portal

General Payment Information

Interior Community Health Center is dedicated to providing access to quality healthcare regardless of your ability to pay. We accept patients without insurance and patients with insurance. We receive federal grants to help cover patients with financial needs who cannot pay for all or part of their bill. “Financial needs” and “ability to pay” are based on eligibility for the Sliding Fee Discount, so be sure to apply and provide any needed proof of income.

ICHC accepts many public and private insurance carriers. These include (but are not limited to) Medicare, Medicaid of Alaska/DenaliCare, Denali KidCare, and many private insurance networks such as Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and more. If your public or private insurance plan is from a program or employer who is outside of Alaska, be sure to check with us that you have coverage in our area. If you’re unsure whether we accept your plan, please call our billing office at 907-455-4567, option 6.


Your Payment Responsibilities

You are expected to arrange for payment or coverage at the time of service. If you have insurance, this means you must provide your insurance information and pay any co-pays or estimated co-insurance at the time of check-in. If you are not insured and you cannot pay the standard fee, or if you are insured but are unable to pay your portion in full due to financial need, this means you are expected to apply for the Sliding Fee Discount and/or to speak to staff about the Patient Care Fund.

If your appointment is being covered by other means, such as through a worker’s compensation claim, you are expected to provide all needed information for ICHC to file a claim for reimbursement at the time of check-in. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for paying the bill.


Insurance and Billing

Interior Community Health Center can bill your insurance companies. If you are out of network and do not have coverage in our area, your insurance may not pay for your bill with us. We welcome you to our practice anyway, and advise you to contact our billing office before your appointment to see if we can accept your insurance. If we cannot, we recommend you apply for our Sliding Fee Discount to see if you are eligible for a discount based on financial need.

ICHC can only bill your insurance, or other coverage such as a worker’s compensation claim, if you provide us with the needed information at the time of your visit. Please bring a copy of your insurance card or claim information to your appointment.


Sliding Fee

ICHC provides a “Sliding Fee” discount program, paid for by federal grants. This a program where you can receive a discount on your services based on financial need. Financial need is based on your household income and family size. You must provide us with detailed financial information in order to qualify, and you may be asked to provide proof of income.

We’re here to help you. If you can’t demonstrate proof of income with the usual information, or if your income does not appear to qualify from your provided proof, but you are experiencing a financial emergency, please share as much information with us as you can. It is very important to us that all patients have access to quality healthcare, regardless of your ability to pay. 

To apply for the sliding fee, ask us at check-in for the application form. Or, if you’re an existing patient, go online to the patient portal, click “My Health,” then “Medical Forms,” then the link for “Sliding Fee Application” to print it out and fill it out in advance.

Proof of household income can come from many sources, including but not limited to your most recent paystubs, your last tax forms, social security or pension benefit statements, or signed letters of support from witnesses who can verify your household income.

To see a chart of discount rates based on household size and income, click here:

Medical and Behavioral Health Schedule of Discounts

Dental Schedule of Discounts


Patient Care Fund

Interior Community Health Center can also provide assistance from the Patient Care Fund, which is a fund made up of donations from our community members, board members, employees, and patients like you. This fund can be used to help you pay for your appointments if you are unable to pay, even with the Sliding Fee Discount. Funds are limited, so you may only be able to use this resource a few times per year, depending on fund availability and your need. Talk to our staff at check-in, or to the billing department at 907-455-4567 option 6 if you need help with your bill.

ICHC is proud of its generous staff, approximately 50% of whom donate to the patient care fund with every paycheck. Last year, we donated an average of $158.00 per employee—that’s each of us donating enough to pay for 3 medical visits or 2 dental visits for patients living below 100% of federal poverty.

If you would like to donate to the patient care fund, click here:

Donate Here


Price Transparency

We believe that it should not be difficult to figure out what you might be expected to pay for your visit. For this reason, we have provided links to our sliding fee discounts so you can see what you would pay if you qualify for the slide, and you can view the standard price for our most common services here:

Price Transparency

You are also entitled, upon request, to receive a good-faith estimate of reasonably anticipated charges for a given service prior to ICHC providing those services and no later than 10 days following the receipt of your request. We ask that you contact our billing office at 907-455-4567 option 6 with any further questions. 


Where To Pay

All estimated patient portions are due at the time of service. A check-in representative can take your payment and/or assist you with application to the sliding fee or patient care fund resources.

To pay your bill online, go to the patient portal main page. You can log in and pay your bill, or enter a statement code to use the “Make a One-Time Payment” function.

To pay over the phone, call 907-455-4567, option 6, and speak to our billing team.

For your convenience, you may receive a text message or email from us with a link to pay your bill. Once you have verified your information, you can securely pay with your credit card.


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