Integrated Behavioral Health

Interior Community Health Center

Health Center & Dental Clinic located in Fairbanks, AK & Healy, AK

Integrated Behavioral Health

Integrated behavioral health at Interior Community Health Center can help address and better manage physical and mental health concerns you or loved ones may experience. Our staff can help you develop self-management skills, create a healthy lifestyle, and manage stress.

Our integrated behavioral health team supports our established medical patients with the following:

      • Tobacco cessation
      • Mild depression or anxiety
      • Chronic stress
        • Weight management
        • Certain chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic lung conditions, and others
        • Treatment resources for drug or alcohol abuse and complex mental health conditions
        • Resources for food insecurity, employment opportunities and housing
        • Insurance and navigating medical care

Our behavioral health team can meet with you during your routine medical visit and offers up
to 12 individual counseling sessions per year.

When necessary, we will refer you to one of our community partners for complex mental illness
treatment, prescriptions for certain medications, formal drug and alcohol assessments, or to
complete court assessments for anger management.

Let our caring and supportive team assist you in improving you or your family’s mental and physical wellbeing. Schedule an appointment with us today.