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How Can I Help?


You can support our mission by becoming a patient, donating to our cause, or spreading the word! You can also come work for us, join our board, or ask about volunteer opportunities by calling 907-455-4567, option 9. 


Become a patient

Interior Community Health Center is funded through three main sources—donations, grant money (which is partly dependent on how many patients we see every year), and fees paid by insurance and patients who can afford to pay. By choosing to see an Interior Community Health Center provider instead of any of your other for-profit choices in Interior Alaska—and we know you have many choices!—you are telling our grant funders that you support our mission and believe in the quality of care we provide, whether or not you can afford to pay.

And if you do have insurance or don’t qualify for our sliding fee, and you’re wondering whether you should come see us, the answer is yes! Every dollar in healthcare that you or your insurance would pay somewhere else is a dollar that can support our mission and help your community.

Plus, you won’t get this kind of quality, whole-person, healthcare-with-a-heart care anywhere else. We take pride in the quality and transparency of our care. Check out the Why Choose ICHC page for more information!



Your donations to Interior Community Health Center directly support patients with low income gaining access to healthcare they might not otherwise be able to afford. The Patient Care Fund, which gets its money from direct donations, helps bridge the gap when eligible patients find themselves unable to pay their bills even with the sliding fee discount.

Donations don’t have to be big to be meaningful! These are some suggested donations for less than the cost of having a nice dinner (or even an average lunch, depending!) delivered to your doorstep in Fairbanks. Costs below are based on patients with the most need—those who are eligible for the sliding fee at or below 100% of the federal poverty level.

$30 – covers a medical or counseling visit

$45 – covers a dental cleaning and exam

$75 – covers dental procedures for patients




Spread the word!

Alaska is a huge state, but our communities are small, and we know that word of mouth means a lot around here. You can leave us a review on google, facebook, our website, or anywhere else you can think of to tell others how much you enjoyed your experience with us and why you support our mission. Or, you can tell your friends and family, and let them know that coming to see us is a great way to help us stay funded and reach more people in need of our services!

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