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Why Choose ICHC


We know you have a choice in where you go for your healthcare. Here are the top reasons you should choose Interior Community Health Center!


Healthcare with a heart

At Interior Community Health Center, we believe that everyone, regardless of age, stage of life, and background, should have access to excellent primary health and dental care. We also believe that health and dental care aren’t excellent without integrated behavioral health services and attention to the things that matter to you, the patient, and drive your health outcomes beyond the doctor’s office. That means a sliding fee program and insurance application counseling to make sure health and dental care is affordable, and it means working with community partners to address any social, material, or resource needs like transportation, translation services, food, shelter, clothing, and much more to ensure that you can thrive in and outside our offices.

We provide preventive medicine, wellness services, counseling, acute care, chronic disease management, prenatal care, health education, dental cleanings and treatments, and more—and we do it with you at the heart of everything.  


Patient-Centered Medical Home

Interior Community Health Center is a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) certified Patient-Centered Medical Home. This means that we have gone through a rigorous certification process to ensure that we are sticking to the model of putting the patient at the center of the care system—not profits, not doctors, and not insurance companies or pharmaceuticals. It also means that we are committed to continuous quality improvement, to evidence-based medicine, and to making your healthcare experience convenient, comprehensive, and accessible, so you never have to settle for mediocre care.


Quality & Transparency

How do you know you are receiving good care at Interior Community Health Center?

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we report on healthcare outcomes every year to the Health Resources and Services Administration, and we can see how we rank against all other health centers in the nation. Interior Community Health Center has earned the distinction of being in the top 10% of health centers in the nation for the last 5 years running. We invite you to check out our rankings and compare them across the nation at the Health Center Program Uniform Data System (UDS) Data overview, here. We are proud of the quality care we deliver, and we want you to see it, too!

Our commitment to quality and transparency does not end there. We also provide our fee schedule on our website, as well as our sliding fee, so you know exactly what kind of care you are receiving and how much it will cost you before you even walk in the door.


Our Model of Care

Traditional models of care in medicine place the doctor (or advance practice professional) at the top of the care continuum, directing a team of nurses, screeners, and others to provide care for the patient. It relies on the doctor’s judgment alone, and they call every shot, which can lead to a lot of variation across providers and a game of telephone when it comes to responding to your needs as the patient.

Our model places the patient at the center and surrounds you with every member of the care team, each of whom are empowered by the healthcare provider and by effective usage of healthcare IT and advanced systems to respond to your needs in a robust care coordination effort. You are as much a part of the team as any member of the clinical staff when it comes to your care, and your team members adhere to the highest of quality standards to ensure your safety and well-being.


Community Partnerships

We know that healthcare extends beyond the doors of our office, and we know that your health is about more than eating well, exercising, and taking the right pills if you need them (although those things are important, too!). We know that it’s hard to eat right and exercise if you’re more worried about making ends meet, and it’s hard to make ends meet if you can’t afford to get to work every day, or own a cell phone, or buy clothes for that job interview, or can’t work a traditional job at all. We can help you with some of these problems, but not all of them—so to meet your other social, material, financial, or resource needs, we partner with other organizations in our community to help you thrive.  

Here are some of our community partnerships that we engage on a regular basis to help you and your family live your best and healthiest life.

  • Fairbanks Community Food Bank
  • Helping Alaska
  • Bread Line
  • Stone Soup Cafe
  • Literacy Council of Alaska
  • Thrive Alaska
  • Head Start
  • Alaska Center of Children & Adults
  • Fairbanks Resource Agency
  • Fairbanks Rescue Mission
  • Family Centered Services of Alaska
  • FNSB School District
  • State of Alaska Division of Public Assistance
  • Interior Aids Association
  • Fairbanks Native Association
  • Fairbanks Reentry Coalition
  • Alaska Legal Services
  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living


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