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Here you will find quick links to resources our patients have found helpful in the past. ICHC does not own or control any of these resources and is not liable for your use of them; they are here for your convenience only.


Suicide Prevention Resources Alaska

Alaska 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline - dial 988 on your phone to speak to someone who can help Suicide Prevention Resource List

Suicide or Self-Harm Safety Plan template - download here and fill out with your provider or family

Fresh Start Alaska

For Alaska's free programs for help with weight loss, preventing diabetes, managing diabetes, lowering blood pressure, quitting smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco, go to


Alaska Court System Self-Help, Alaska Legal Services & Other Legal Resources

General Self-Help

Family Law Self-Help - can also call 866-279-0851 from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Thursday for questions.

Guardianship Self-Help

Power of Attorney & Health Care Directives Self-Help - Important: Be sure to select the version listed under the "Health Care Directives" section, titled "Advance Health Care Directive forms and instructions" for the version that includes the Healthcare Power of Attorney. Do not select the one under the "Power of Attorney for an adult" section, or you will not have the correct form for healthcare. 

Alaska Legal Services Guide: Completing a Power of Attorney - this resource from the Alaska Legal Services nonprofit will walk you through the process of filling out a complete Power of Attorney. Don't forget, you still need to fill out the Alaska Advance Health Care Directive form in addition to the Power of Attorney form if you want your Agent to be able to help with your healthcare.

Alaska Legal Services - this resource from the Alaska Legal Services nonprofit provides legal information on a number of civil legal problems, including self-help forms and instructions, videos, and links to other useful sources.

Free Legal Answers for Low-Income Alaskans - this is a free web-based service offered by the Alaska Bar Association for people who meet the income requirements.  

Landlord/Tenant helpline - call 855-743-1001 if outside the Anchorage area, or 907-743-1000 if in the Anchorage area. This helpline is offered by Alaska Legal Services and staffed by volunteer attorneys, and provides free assistance to both tenants and landlords with legal questions and situations. They are open Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm - 8pm, except on holidays. 

Alaska Public Assistance Benefits Denials or Delays (Medicaid, SNAP, Food Stamps, and more) - quick link to the instructions and forms from, by Alaska Legal Services, for filing for a Fair Hearing form to expedite a response to your application or renewal of benefits. You can also call 907-452-5181 to apply for assistance through Alaska Legal Services. 

Alaska Legal Services Application Toll Free - to apply for legal assistance with Alaska Legal Services. Or, call 888-478-2572.

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